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The game below is intended for testing your variation. When you're done testing you should click the "Play Variation" button (or "Save and Play Variation") to play a "non-test" game. There are a few reasons to do this:

  • The game below will get reset any time you click "Save", but the non-test one won't.
  • A new game played below will be affected by the rules above even before saving.
  • Playing the game below will not count towards the total minutes played for your variation.
The game below is using old settings. Start a new game to use the current settings.
The author of this variation has changed the rules. Your game below is still using the old rules, but the next game will use the new ones. Your high score will be reset because it will no longer be valid!



Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!


You have achieved the rare accomplishment of getting the winning tile and running out of moves at the same time. Is this good? Is it bad? You'll have to decide for yourself.