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cesoid.com servers automatically log:

This is what it logged about me when I visited just now (with the IP address and request_id changed, just in case):

2021-04-18T15:11:07.941365+00:00 heroku[router]: at=info method=GET path="/2048/supermerging?theme=original" host=www.cesoid.com request_id=9c9463ef-73f0-7684-90f0-f0e86afc84af fwd="" dyno=web.1 connect=0ms service=334ms status=200 bytes=21615 protocol=https
2021-04-18T15:11:07.886378+00:00 app[web.1]: I, [2021-04-18T15:11:07.886259 #4]  INFO -- : [9c9463ef-73f0-7684-90f0-f0e86afc84af]   Rendered comments/_comment.haml (23.2ms)
2021-04-18T15:11:07.912663+00:00 app[web.1]: D, [2021-04-18T15:11:07.912518 #4] DEBUG -- : [9c9463ef-73f0-7684-90f0-f0e86afc84af]    (17.5ms)  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT  1 AS one FROM "comments" WHERE "comments"."discussion_slug" = $1 ORDER BY "comments"."created_at" DESC LIMIT $2) subquery_for_count  [["discussion_slug", "2048"], ["LIMIT", 4]]

You can see that most (or all) of this data is boring. It is also automatically deleted eventually, but I might keep some of it for debugging for a bit longer.

cesoid.com intentionally stores things when you do certain things that obviously require this to happen:

This data sticks around indefinitely, but I can remove it if you ask me to, by sending me an email at cesoid at gmail.

cesoid.com cannot possibly store certain things like names or addresses unless you intentionally send those things (such as by putting them into a comment...please don't put your address into a comment). Your computer doesn't send those things, and, oddly enough, might not even know those things.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a privacy policy that is a part of Google's overall (very long) privacy policy

Google Analytics assigns a random sequence of letters and numbers to each browser, which looks kind of like this:


It encrypts this, and probably some other things, and sends them to your computer. Your computer sends this back each time a page is loaded and after some other actions such as when clicking certain buttons.

By doing this, Google Analytics can keep track of which actions came from the same browser, even if it doesn't know who is using that browser.

We (at cesoid.com) can see individual paths that were taken at our website, with these paths tied to things like browser window sizes, operating system, and (often inaccurately) the city where the browser is communicating from. This isn't tied to your IP address, and it doesn't include Google Analytics information from other websites.

Most of the time, we just use this to see a bigger picture, such as how many people visited a particular page today.

Adinplay and advertisers

Privacy Settings

Adinplay has its own privacy policy, which contains a list of "Ad technology providers" and links to their privacy policies.

We allow them and their providers to interact with your computer when you visit cesoid.com, which means they can give you cookies and read them, but cesoid.com cannot see these cookies, because the communication occurs directly between your computer and their servers. Because some of these providers are used by

many websites, they may be able to connect interactions from different sites. This is why ads are often influenced by your other activity on other sites. cesoid.com does not have access to any of this information.

"Legitimate interests" (GDPR basis)

Under GDPR rules, we claim "Legitimate interests" as a basis for collection of information about your visit to this site. This section may be confusing, but we basically have to pick one of several reasons for collecting data. This probably doesn't mean a lot to most people, but it suffices to say that this means we are doing our best to only collect information that is necessary for our purposes, and that our purposes are ok (and legal).

This also means we don't have a checkbox to opt-in or opt-out. Although this may seem like the standard because lots and lots of sites do this, it would probably be worse for both of us, as paradoxical as that may seem. To illustrate this point, consider this: Do you know what you're agreeing to when you click the "I agree" button? We're much happier to do our best to do what is acceptible than to ask you to agree to something you might not read or understand, or worse, allow you to opt-out of something only to discover that we have no control over it. It's easier (when possible) to do the right thing by following general principles than by explicitly agreeing to do a list of things that may turn out to be pointless or even the opposite of what we should be doing.


We try our best to not know unnecessary information about you, and not allow other parties to have unnecessary information about you, without giving up knowing useful, anonymized information about visitors in general.

Why? Because there are a lot of rules, regulations, and moral implications about who should know what, and what they should do with that information, and the best way to avoid breaking those rules is to:

Regulations about privacy are awesome, but attempts to follow them are sometimes difficult when literally anyone on Earth can accidentally give information to you and you might not know that they did, AND you can't just ignore everything because otherwise you won't know anything about what people are doing at your website. I'm doing the best I can. I can't believe you read the end of this privacy policy.

Contact Information

At this moment this site is run by one person. This may change in the future. As it stands, you can just email me at cesoid at gmail dot com if you have any issues, including if you want me to delete some data related to your use of this site.