Random Webpage

May 27, 2020

Every time you refresh the random webpage you get a new page with a random number of random elements which randomly may or may not have other randomly chosen elements nested to a random depth, which sometimes have random lengths of random text.

I'm particularly fond of the enormous buttons that have text areas on them, and menus with nonsense options in them. And the progress bars. I didn't know (or had forgetten ?) that there was an html tag for progress bars before I made this.

I attempted to follow rules as to which elements are allowed inside which other elements, but some of the rules vary depending on what else is in them or what they are in, and that required more time than I wanted to spend on it.

The next obvious improvement would be to make elements have random attributes, which should lead to links to websites that don't exist. But what would be really awesome is random css. The text would be different colors, inside boxes that are sometimes tilted at random angles, with random background colors. Some of them would be positioned randomly on the page.

But what would be really awesome are random images, random javascript (would that even be safe? probably), and maybe some areas with text that consists of randomly chosen words, possibly even arranged into grammically correct sentences.


April 24, 2019

This is a potential simulation of reality, in which I have assumed that everything in the universe is basically a photon, and that their behavior is just so counterintuitive that it is not obvious how they could behave as, for example, an electron. One way to do this, which also might work even if everything is not made of photons, is to imagine that the probabilistic nature of different attributes (such as location and momentum) are really a manifestation of the fact that the photon is made of one or more point-like particles that travel at many times the speed of light, but do so with so many random steps that the odds of them traveling any significant distance at more than the speed of light becomes negligable, and they effectively behave more like a "cloud" than a single particle, which is effectively the wave-function that is already well established. I could go on like this for a long time, but this simulation tests what would happen if a particle moved around in random steps as outlined above. Note that I'm not a physicist, so all of this is based on my very incomplete understanding of quantum behavior, and so it could all be nonsense. However, it is an interesting exercise in and of itself.


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January 29, 2019

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Tunneling 2048

January something-or-other, 2019

I made a version of the beloved 2048 where every time you get a new highest tile, it glows darkly and allows you to create a hole in the wall of the game. Try it by clicking the image below.